Windows Virtual Desktop

Your PC desktop in the cloud — anywhere, anyhow and at any time.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the Microsoft Azure solution that provides the platform from which users are delivered a cost-effective, locked-down Windows 10 PC desktop experience that they’re used too, with exactly the applications and security controls you define.

Top performance

Optimised to provide the best Office 365 and Windows 10 experience


A Windows Virtual Desktop is the only way to experience multiple Windows 10 sessions

Security updates

Receive free extended security updates for legacy Windows 7 applications

What are the benefits for your business?

Windows Virtual Desktop solutions provide a flexible, secure yet cost-effective solution that can quickly enable home working.

Speedy setup

Deploy a complete home-working solution in hours and quickly respond to changing business needs

Simplified IT management

Centrally managed virtual desktop solutions reduce the time and cost of managing PCs and laptops

Increased security and control

Your data never needs to leave your central IT environment and security policies are fully enforced

Work from anywhere

Connect to your PC desktop, business applications and data using any device from anywhere in the world

Why partner with us?

Microsoft Azure gives customers more than just cloud infrastructure. It gives them the technology tools they need to transform the way they work. It’s scalable, secure, and accessible from anywhere, making it the perfect platform for business growth.

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