Have you ever considered how much time your employees waste on irrelevant internet surfing and how many threats there are on the internet? The current generation has mastered the art of using internet which is a major reason for the web threat. Businesses today need a fresh approach to secure their networks from any kind of attacks by hackers or cyber criminals. Compupac IT has partnered with companies like Cisco and Sophos to provide anti-spam and content filtering to its customers.

Compupac IT anti-spam and content filtering services are designed to monitor inbound and outbound traffic, block emails and websites with malicious content. Malware and other threats can cause data loss or degradation to your system.

Our services are cloud based, so filtering provides the first line of defence against threats on the internet wherever users go. The content filter can protect all of your company through the common settings or with individual settings for every office. Even when your users are working remotely, our services provide visibility into internet activity across all devices, over all ports. Different rules of access can be created with filtering profiles.

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Intelligence to uncover current and emerging threats.


Visibility for activity across all devices and ports, anywhere.


Stop phishing, malware, and ransomware earlier.


All great businesses have great partners and we have aligned ourselves with the very best in the industry.

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