Work safely in the cloud with Chrome

Power up cloud-centric workstyles and deliver incredible experiences with Chrome Enterprise and HPs portfolio of sleek, easy-to-use, and easy-to manage devices.

What are the features of using Chrome?

Set IT free from the burden of legacy devices and reap the rewards of a modern OS that is cloud native and secure by design. Get fast access to business-critical systems and enjoy significant cost saving.

A simple, powerful way to work

Multi-task nimbly and smoothly with access to millions of apps on robust, beautiful devices that boot in under six seconds and fit the way you work—on the go or at the desk. Work online or off accross apps with a choice of Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, and thousands of other SaaS apps.

A simple way to manage

Say goodbye to time-consuming imaging with device imaging in minutes with software policy support that deploys web and Android™ apps from the cloud. Add devices to domains, use AD credentials to unlock devices, and direct policies from Group Policy Objects.

A simple way to maximize your investment

Ensure cost savings with the reduced downtime, support incidents, and admin costs. Scale your savings with globally-available, HP-supported devices, displays, and accessories.

A simple way to secure

Security is a priority for both end-users and IT. Attack variants like malware can halt productivity and prove costly to businesses. HP + Chrome Enterprise shields endpoints from evolving cyber threats, protecting your device, your data and your identity.

What are the benefits for your business?

Secure by design, easy to manage, and low in cost, Chrome devices set IT free from the many day-to-day pains of just managing endpoints — all while providing your employees fast and seamless access to information and cloud-based tools.

With Windows Virtual Desktop, companies can run Windows 10 enabling remote working employees access data and applications on companies on-premises servers. The solution means that companies can keep data in-house but provide also provide secure access to those who need it using a Chromebook, providing convenience of use for all.

Free to keep your data protected

Protect against current threats. Mitigate the impact of malicious attacks prevalent on legacy systems. Keep harmful apps out. Managed Google Play puts IT in control, helping ensure harmful apps stay out of users’ hands. Devices stay up to date. Regular system updates happen seamlessly in the background so users are protected.

Free from tedious tasks

Fast deployment. Fast and easy deployment enables organizations to quickly scale with less IT burden. Systems that behave. Reduce calls to the help desk with a reliable OS that’s easy to use and always up-to-date — thanks to regular background updates.

Free to get the job done

Start fast, stay fast. Devices boot in under six seconds, while updates occur in the background. Work flexibly. Secure, cloud-based backup systems and eight+ hours of battery life let employees work worry-free, from any location. Pick up where you left off. Save and sync apps, preferences, and extensions to stay productive on any Chrome device from anywhere.

Why partner with us?

As a Google Cloud Partner we provide you with advice and advanced support. When you require a large number of devices, we provide a white glove preparation process, where devices are configured to work with your organisation’s domain right out of the box, allowing a virtually “zero IT touch” deployment. 

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